Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Taking the kids to school: 30 years of it.

Taken under duress, after I had to threaten to kiss them on the lips if they didn't smile.
And this was the best I could get

Thirty years ago, I took my first-born son, Jordan, to Coal Mountain Elementary School for his first day of kindergarten in Mrs. Debby Mehl's classroom.
Yesterday, he took HIS first-born son, Heath, to meet his kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Bentley, at Cherokee Charter Academy.
In a few minutes, I'm gonna be taking Kenneth and Alicia Ann for Open House at Mill Creek Middle School, where he will be in the 8th grade and she will be in the 7th grade.

So, after thirty years and two generations of taking kids to school, what is the most important preparation I made, in order to handle the physical and emotional stresses of the day?

I drilled another hole in my belt, so my pants wouldn't fall down. Seems that despite dropping down recently from a 44 inch to a 42 inch waist (from a peak of a 50 inch waist in 2012), my mass distribution continues to shift.

And I just didn't think that a brand new pair of Levi's 501 jeans, crumpled on top of my brand new Converse All-Stars, was gonna bless anyone. Actually, it wasn't the CLOTHING that I thought might be a problem; it was the sight of my narrow butt in nothing but boxers that would make the poor first impression.

So, new hole in the belt, and a pair of suspenders worn under my shirt for good measure, and I think we are good to go.

Out the door; gonna take pictures to complete the post.
(And my pant's stayed up the whole time!)

This is Kenneth with his home room teacher, Mrs. Tucker.

This is Alicia, with her home room teacher, Mrs. Coryell.

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