Wednesday, March 4, 2015

EMT, a short story by David Burkhead

The hardest part about the review process is that fact that there are 218 pages of Amazon books with EMT in the title. Fortunately, this showed up on page 2.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Maintain the airway, stop the bleeding, and treat for shock.
March 4, 2015
By Pat Patterson (Woodstock, Georgia, USA)

This review is from: EMT (Kindle Edition)

I approached this short story with relish, attributable to the fact that I was a medic in the Army (1972-75).
There are two EMTs in this story; one is Kristine, a medic, working on the moon. She has to make a quick appraisal of injuries, and stabilize patients requiring extensive treatment. Her job is limited by a lack of appropriate resources. Patients die if she can't get it done.
The other EMT is Schneider, the company owner. His appraisal is done by looking at spreadsheets, and he is able to pick out the unusual trends and identify problems remotely. Like Kristine, he has to be in a position to get his hands dirty before he can solve the problem, and again, people will die if he can't get it done.
It's a short story, but David's character development works. We understand Schneider, we understand Kristine, and we hiss at the evil cost-cutting administrator Conrad, and cheer when he is finally taken away in handcuffs.
And may I also note that the good comes because an individual takes responsibility,and not because OSHA regs are implemented?Conrad DID increase the profit margin temporarily, but his approach was about to cause a collapse of the entire work environment. It's good business to take care of your people.

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