Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Valley of Loss: Jim Cartwright—At Large, Chapter Two By Mark Wandrey

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Preliminary Statement. I’m going to edit out all the ravings for my Amazon review, the entirety of which is contained within. But this is MY blog, so you get the ravings.

Raving One. This is a 36 page Kindle document, as it is currently formatted on my screen. How can I justify a LONG review, of a SHORT document? And yet, I am known for long reviews. Sometimes, that’s how I find them. I page rapidly through the Amazon reviews, my eye only caught by verbosity.

Raving Two. I picked this book up from Kindle on March 18, 2020. It’s now November 3. Any FRESHNESS my perspective may have given is long since stale. Heck, my memories of that time are stale. 

Raving Three, and the most significant, dealing with SPOILERS. Admittedly, I was sucked into a black hole of circumstances, just after I brought myself current on all of the related storylines, and thus I MIGHT be wrong, but: 


Now, for the reader, that likely only enhances the experience. Alas for the poor reviewer, though! We dast not violate the no spoiler rule in our reviews!

Over the next few galactic cycles, I plan to convene a reviewer council to come up with a comprehensive program. Until then, I plan to mask spoiler-sensitive material with some sort of snark. You’ll know it when you see it.

The review. This is all that's going on Amazon.

I obtained this book through the Kindle Unlimited program.

Jim Cartwright, the youthful, obese but dieting commander of Cartwright’s Cavaliers, has a closely defined set of goals for his mercenary company. At the top of his list: obtain as many of the massive, ancient fighting machines, known as Raknars, and restore them to function.

While certain members of his team don’t quite understand the degree to which these devices inspire him, Jim can always count on his drop-dead gorgeous, passionate, faithful, and utterly committed girlfriend Adayn. Somehow, out of all the human females, she alone has discerned the bodacious hunk hidden inside Cartwright’s corpulence. 

Jim is also the recipient of support from his good buddy Splunk, a harmless and playful alien of limited intelligence; perhaps a savant, though, for somehow this miniature creature has been able to discover ways to harness the potential of the Raknar. 

Exciting things ensue.

This is a delightful background interjection into the main story lines of the Four Horseman Universe, and MUST be read that way. 

Well, that was the Amazon review. I hope the snark came across. 

Peace be on your household.