Sunday, October 4, 2020

Bob's Saucer Repair, by Jerry Boyd: Bob and Nikki #1

 Happy October 4, 2020, to all my friends and neighbors out there in Internet Land. And, to those family members who accidently stumbled upon this post: I can't really BLAME this on you, but it IS your fault.

The Amazon  link below the cover art provides me with a small referral fee if you wind up buying it. That might have been important if I had done the review in a timely fashion. However, the book now has over 300 reviews, which indicates that it has been wildly popular. Thus, any pathetic belief that THIS review will result in some compensation is resoundingly trashed.

(this was the cover when I got it 13 months ago)

If you need to know why I am reviewing this most delightful book on October 4, 2020, when I obtained it via Kindle Unlimited on September 3, 2019, send me a SASE. 

Yes, I said "most delightful book;" I did NOT say "mostly delightful book." There is a difference. This one is most delightful; I found nothing to object to. The book has had some changes in the cover art, and the most recent cover reminds me of "The Hitchhikers Guide" series, and that's good. It's funny; there is an adventure story, but don't come looking to have exploding spaceships take you all the way. Instead, relish the dialogue:

“You have a point. Your hair covers it, though.”

Boyd, Jerry. Bob's Saucer Repair (Bob and Nikki Book 1) . Jerry Boyd. Kindle Edition. 

The protagonist is: a mechanic. Bob, the mechanic. He arrives home at the end of a work day, anticipating chili and beer, and discovers a broken spaceship (not an exploding spaceship!) in his garage. He does NOT freak out; he invites the pilot, Nikki, to hang out while he mends a coolant pipe. Amusing cultural differences emerge, and the effect is made delightful by the fact that both Bob and Nikki are quick with a quip and an insult.

She is a pilot/guide to interstellar graduate students, who sought to cut costs by procuring a junker spaceship. Bad choice. Fortunately, Bob, then his medic buddy John, pull their chestnuts out of the fire. In doing so, they present an opportunity for continued commerce (and Bob and Nikki interact chemically, or something; anyway, they both want to smooch).

Translator devices; direct-brain-interface learning machines; some other different super-advanced tech, but, this ISN'T a story about gadgets. Do you like...SPACE PIRATES?

It's a thorough romp, the first in the series, and it's my understanding that installment 11 has recently gone live. Amazing....

Peace be on your household.




  1. I posted a compact version of this on Goodreads, and submitted it as a review to Amazon. Amazon rejected it, as not meeting Community Guidelines.
    They don't specify WHICH guidelines I'm in violation of, nor do they give me a contact or case number, or any reference to respond. So, I just submitted a request, with as much info as I thought appropriate.
    Hopefully, a human will take a look at it.

  2. Truly the ways of the Amazon algorithms are beyond understanding.

    I agree completely with your review as I have bought and read all 11 of the Bob and Nikki books. I'm glad you are well and still reading.

    1. THANK YOU!!!
      Well, I heard from Bernard A with Amazon Customer Service today, and he told me it's because they could see no relationship between the image I'd submitted and the book I was reviewing. Since the image is the cover art (older cover art, though) I told them their algorithm was goofy. UNFORTUNATELY, that response bounced back, saying it wasn't a valid address.
      They do NOT make it easy to try to get some clarification.