Saturday, May 30, 2015

Literally, this is hard to write

Just a brief note.
I'm typing this on one of my broken laptops. The keyboard on this one is erratic, and sometimes other things happen.
My last laptop went out of service with a broken fan. Might be repairable, don't know. At least this one boots.
I ordered TWO laptops, which were on sale, 9 days ago from Tiger Direct. I've gotten LOTS of stuff from them in the past, never had a problem. After several days, I checked order status, and discovered the order hadn't shipped. A live-chat session informed me that they had so many orders for that model (Lenovo B50 for $299) they were sold out and back-ordered. After a couple of days, I cancelled the order. They told me at the time that they were going to put a hold on my funds for five days (I don't know why), but I didn't realize the implications of that until I went to pick up some prescriptions today and my card was denied.
I went home and checked, and had more than enough money in my account, PLUS that account is linked to my savings and a line of credit, so it will NEVER be overdrawn. The hold, though, froze things.
Oh, well. I didn't NEED two more laptops anyway. Maybe I'll just buy another Mac. Or maybe I'll see if one of these keyboards will work with this laptop. Or maybe I'll take apart the bad-fan laptop and replace the fan. And I think there is another laptop under the bed.

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