Saturday, February 28, 2015

Writing about writing, and the plot thickens...

Well, this MUST be a God thing, because I sure didn't see it coming.
I started this blog mumble mumble months back, because I was a writer. Every once in a while, I'd have something to say, and I'd write it, and people who read it would say 'You oughta be a writer!' and I'd nod, and then just continue to march. Then co-pastor Marilyn Monson, sweet woman of God, said she saw me as a writer, and that I'd been on an island too long, and then beloved brother Andrew Baines, at that time my home group leader, told me how to start a blog, so I did. Finally, dear beloved Pastor John got aggravated at me for living in pain and letting things drift, and he TOLD me he wanted me to write something EVERY DAY! Which I promptly didn't do. Well, I did it for a little while.
Which, by the way, is the writing advice I've gotten from every professional writer, from Isaac Asimov to Patricia Cornwell and now from the authors at the Mad Genius Club (
But in a surprise twist, it looks like what is finally going to energize this blog is not MY original stuff, but my REVIEWS of other peoples original stuff. I first used this blog to report on "Plant Life," by Cedar Sanderson, back in November (but the original review was posted on Amazon on July 6, 2014), then in December I reviewed "Forge" by Teresa Anthony. Then I abandoned the blog until the prospect of writing a review of another unpublished book came along; this next one by Henry Vogel. That lead yesterday's blog, two books by Henry, and another by Laura Montgomery.
And then!!! Ta - Da! (fan-fare) Dorothy Grant, the Alaskan bush pilot who has sage advice (sage bushes?) for writers, suggested I follow through with what I was already told to do and had planned to do, and mentioned that I can increase the benefit to writers and perhaps to myself as well by signing up with the Amazon Associates program. She even provided the link! So, I guess my task for today is to make that happen.
And I'll drop in a couple of reviews later on.

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