Monday, February 12, 2018

Games for Flu and Pneumonia

Dear friends,

I had something else planned, but I ran into obstacles. Rather than not post at all today, I thought I would share this short bit. It's something I wrote a few years ago, when a friend and I both had pneumonia at the same time.

These are games to be played in a group setting, where the actors are afflicted with more-or-less awful cases of upper respiratory infections. The contestants are friends and family members. And now, here are the games!

"What's On My Mind." We start a sentence, and the audience has to guess what we are trying to say, based on the first few words we are able to utter.

"Name that Praise Chorus." Same basic idea, but with music. We sing all we can of a chorus, and they have to guess what the chorus is.

"The Rainbow Disconnection." Each of us is given the care of an active two or three year old, and the audience identifies the colors we turn as we chase them around the room. Extra points are awarded for guessing what color(s) we will be when we actually loose consciousness.

"Sweating To The Oldies." After taking our medication, we sit down and sweat while oldies music is played. (This is actually a pretty boring game.)

"Crackle, Rattle, Rustle, and Wheeze." Players get a bingo-type card with types of sounds and locations in the respiratory system. Our respirations are carefully monitored, and when a sound and location is identified (for example, "wheeze, right lung"), a marker is placed on the appropriate block. First one with 5 in a row wins.

And finally, a rather dubious game, but still one with lots of possibilities: "Assault, or Apology?" Players in this game are either healthy, or ill people who have been taking prescribed steroids.  The healthy players engage the sick players in conversation, attempting to score points based on the fact that steroids make some people extremely emotionally volatile. They will attempt to aggravate the ill players until the ill player responds with anger. Points are awarded based on rules determined prior to the start of the game. The only fixed rule is that bloodshed requires a forfeiture of points; which party forfeits the points (the bleeder or the non-bleeder) is determined at the time of the game. 

Okay, that was easy. I may have to dig MORE stuff out of my files!

Peace be on your household.

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