Thursday, February 9, 2017

An exceedingly short 'What May Happen!'

Two days ago, I ranted about A POSSIBLE future for public education.

Yesterday, I clarified that with my heartfelt tribute to the work and sacrifice of home-schooling parents.

And last night, I babysat for grandson Eliott. It provided an occasion for me to have a conversation with my firstborn son, Sgt. Eli Jordan Patterson, U.S. Army (retired). He is also the Dean of Students and teacher and coach at King's Ridge Christian School. I gave him a commie beer can daughter Tobiyah had brought back from Cuba, and he told me he was going to write a response to my commie post disparaging private schools.

So, that would be the FIRST guest post for Papa Pat Rambles.

Now, you MUST understand that there are HUGE demands on his time, because in addition to his for-pay duties, he is the full-time husband of the beautiful and talented Courtney, and the full-time father of two of the most handsome, smartest, and most delightful little boys EVER (Heath, 4; Eliott, 11 mos). Therefore, he may not hit any pseudo-deadline I fabricate for him. However, I DO hope he will give me something soon, because 1) then I won't have to, and 2) it will tie in well with what I have already written.

So that's on the way, maybe.

Tomorrow is Friday. If you can, wear something RED.
RED on Friday: Remember Everyone Deployed! (Until they ALL come home)

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