Thursday, July 2, 2015

"One Drink," by Max Florschutz

We were talking about Amazon reviews, and I went back and took a look at mine. They are too long, and probably getting ignored. That's because I've been writing my blog first, and then copy/pasting it over to Amazon.
See, I think one of the reasons people like my blog is because I put in a lot of interesting details, not related to the book. For example, last night I dreamed I was the President of the United States. It was a great gig! I could pick up the phone, and get ANYONE I wanted to on the line. Like WOW, man!
Then I realized how HARD it was to get to meet with a buddy at Waffle House for breakfast.
And then, I had to sign letters to families of men killed in combat.
At that point, it wasn't such a great job. And finally, I had to take immediate action on something, and then found out I had gotten bad information. If you are my age or a bit older, or perhaps a student of recent American history, the Gulf of Tonkin will be on your mind right about now.
Now, that has NOTHING to do with "One Drink," but it was interesting, wasn't it?
Well, here's something ELSE I find to be interesting, but this is only MARGINALLY related to "One Drink," and then, only because of the NAME of the author. It's a sixth grade issue, really. Mrs. Brown, if you are still alive, bless you, and by the way, you looked GREAT in that fuzzy sweater. And you have a lovely daughter, by the way. (See what I did, there?) (Umm, Herman's Hermits?)
Okay, the deal is that if a word ends with an S, and it is possessive, then you don't add an apostrophe and then an S, you just add an apostrophe. So, if the book belongs to Cass, it is Cass' book, not Cass's book. But I've got it in my head that this extends to other letters/dipthongs. Like sh. So if the book belongs to Josh, it is Josh' book. I've been told that is incorrect, and it looks goofy when I wrote it, but still....the thought is there. And other letters are sibilant. Like x and z. And so, I ascribe to them the same rule: if possessive, then apostrophe only, not apostrophe followed by S. So the book is Max' book, not Max's book. And it's Max Florschutz' book, not Max Florschutz's  book. and I don't know if that's right or not, and I don't care to look it up, but it impacts my blog writing, because I don't care to look stupidly ignorant over randomly assigned rules of grammar. They ARE random, too. Not a frappen thing about the English language is NOT random. It's just standardized. Could have been defined the other way; it's like the preposition at end of the sentence. That rule can BITE ME!
So, all of the above is strictly BLOG material, not AMAZON material. Nobody reads my blog by accident, but people DO encounter my Amazon reviews that way.
And in a minute, you get to read my  Amazon review. I do have an additional personal note, though, which is sort of related to Sarah's blast from the past called 'AutoImmune Diseases.'
Today, I am recovering from a goofy bout of insomnia. I finally slept last night, after three nights of sleeplessness, followed by a day of discomfort and naps. However, my body has decided it wants to kick my patoot, by making me hurt and goofing my stomach. So, I cannot claim that this particular blog meets my standards, although I think it's better written than anything else I have done this week. And now, here is what I wrote on Amazon:

Nicely done!
I thought I had reviewed this, because I had some conversation with the author about firearms. Unfortunately, that conversation came right before insomnia, and then I forgot, but:
If you are a firearms guy, you will NOT screech at errors here. That is SUCH a good thing. I'm so tired of stuff like having the hammer manually cocked on a 1911, or the safety clicked on a Glock. Max, you did a beautiful job!
The main character has a bizarre job: he's a boogey-man hunter. Still a bit of stigma on that, unfortunately, but he deals with it well. You know those books where the main character is filled with self doubt? This ain't one.
Lots of great action, plus detective work, and Max, you draw GREAT characters!

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