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The God's Wolfling, by Cedar Sanderson

Under normal circumstances, I would not blog two reviews in one day. HOWEVER, for circumstances discussed earlier ad nauseum, I have experienced nothing like normal circumstances for about a month or more. I have owed Cedar this review since (gulp) May 19.
Cedar, by the way, is on her way to LibertyCon, and will be getting married tomorrow. I wish her and First Reader Sanford Begley a most wonderful celebration of their life, and hope the thunderstorm that's ripping through north Georgia at the moment will suck all the bad weather out of Chattanooga. In any event, I am assured that she will show her shoulders, and that sight alone will disperse rainclouds, or at least shame them into compliance.

5.0 out of 5 stars The Young Lady Grows Into Her Power, June 24, 2015
By Amazon Customer (Woodstock, Georgia, USA)
This review is from: The God's Wolfling (Children of Myth Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
Vulcan's Kittens was a great beginning, and God's Wolfling is a great book 2. There had BETTER be a book 3, at least, or I will know the reason WHY, and I ain't playin'! Well, maybe I am, just a little.
Linnea is the grand-daughter of Haephestus and Pele, on her mom's side. That makes her half human, and half whatever-they-are. Some of the more whack individuals like to be referred to as gods, and want to squish the humans back to worshippers, but the nicer sort don't want to do that, which is the source of war.
Linn is sheltered in Hawaii, being taught by a slightly insane Hypatia (yeah, the one who was stoned to death) and has nobody her own age. While that may be the ideal dream location for every parent of a teenage girl, it isn't something she cares for and she wants ADVENTURES!!!!
And she gets them.
I'm just going to tell you about my favorite, without doing any spoilers.
The Mac'Lir is one of the ancients, and somebody, one of his extended family, has been calling on him for help. He can't show up himself, because reasons, and so he asks Linn to go take care of this thing. What 'this thing' turns out to be is some meth cookers, one with enough family history to know certain words to say, but with no freepen idea of what the words mean. He just thinks they are some sort of good luck charm that will help cooking meth. What a butthead, right? Takes the name of his own clan and treats it as if it were some sort of rabbit's foot.
Okay, that ought to have your appetite whetted. More good stuff happens, some with old friends from Vulcan's Kittens, some with new characters. But you'll NOT get a further word out of ME about that, y'hear? Get the book!

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  1. Just got a copy and placed it in the 'to be read' stack. VK was good and I am hoping GW is as good, if not better. This give me hope for the latter. -grin- Thanks.