Tuesday, April 7, 2015

ConFur, by Kate Paulk

Thanks again to McChuck for supplying me with the book so I could review it. Bookworms appreciate true friendship!
Although this short story is part of Kate's Con series, almost all of the action takes place outside the con itself. That makes is much more readable for those who, like myself, have never attended a con. The main character, Jim the con-attending vampire, is present, and I believe I am correct when I say this introduces another character who is part of the series, Sean the Werewolf.
It's not necessary to read the rest of the series to appreciate this story. Without belaboring the point, Kate gives newcomers the information they need: Jim is a vampire who likes to go to cons for the same reason other people like to go to cons. He isn't a wholesale blood-sucker, and in fact is a bit of a peacemaker. When he is accosted by a werewolf mom, he subdues her without giving away her status, and gives her enough time to calm down and explain the problem to him: some other vampire + friends is leading the young werewolves out on destructive rampages.
Not much more I can say about this without entering Spoiler Land. Kate gives us great characters with depth, her sense of humor is present throughout, and she is just a great story teller.
Pick it up and read it!

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